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Early December: At The Petersfield Tree Festival

Hello, and thank you for joining us in the Growing Together newsletter for early December

December has arrived and with it some frosty weather. We hope you're staying warm and your tender plants are too. The Festive Season is nearly upon us and there are many fabulous ways to bring the outside in. It's National Tree Week (Nov 25th-Dec 3rd) and the first Petersfield Tree Festival took place on Saturday November 25th at the Community Garden. The event was organised in partnership with the Petersfield Climate Action Network (PeCAN), The Tree Council, East Hampshire District Council and the Petersfield Community Garden. Claire and Steve spoke to many of those involved in the festival as well as visitors to the event too. Further details are below and you can listen to the latest podcast to find out more. Don't forget, the Petersfield Seed Swap will take place on Saturday March 9th. Save the date and there will be more details to come in the new year!

'Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven't done a thing. You are just talking' - Wangari Maathai

The Growing Together gardening magazine podcast

It was a beautiful morning at the Adhurst Estate Allotment for Petersfield's inaugural Tree Festival. Claire and Steve met with The Tree Council's Ian Turner, Head of Planting and Ecology Projects, and Phil Paulo, Head of Major Tree Planting Projects and Adhurst Estate Allotment Environment Officer, who were offering advice and tree care workshops throughout the day. The Fitzroy charity have growing plans for community tree planting as part of their Rural Skills Project, Handmade Happiness explains how you can create fairies and stick men from nature and Jenny and her son, 4 year old Hamish, are looking forward to future crumbles from their newly purchased fruit trees. Representatives from PeCAN and East Hampshire District Council chat to Claire about how the festival began, the success of the day and future plans to bring the growing community together. Listen at Growing Together | Petersfield's Shine Radio

Featured in the latest Growing Together podcast:

Ian Turner from The Tree Council, standing in front of the Miyawaki Forest planted at the Adhurst Estate Allotments

Ron, Claire and Jo from charity Fitzroy, with the Rural Skills Project

A Tree Fairy, created by Jenny Stacy from Handmade Happiness

Thank you for joining us and Growing Together Growing Together with Claire and Steve is a gardening magazine podcast, produced by Shine Radio. We'll be back in mid-December with more gardening tips, advice and expert interviews - as well as our Christmas gardening wishes. What are yours? Follow and say 'hi' to us on instagram at Growing Together - gardening podcast (@growingtogether_podcast) • Instagram photos and videos If you have a gardening question, please contact us on

Happy gardening!

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